Toronto personal trainer Diane Stibbard, a champion duathlete with 25 years experience, offers a range of tailored personal training programs that build strength, stamina and overall fitness

Personal training is provided in your home, and or/outside using the surrounding neighbourhood if you're looking for a personal trainer in or near Toronto. Online personal training programs are also available

coach man woman exercising abdominals with bosu - Diane Stibbard, Toronto Personal Trainer

Personal training is available in or near Toronto

Diane Stibbard provides in-home personal training in all aspects of health, fitness and wellness. She also offers outdoor one-on-one and group fitness and running programs.

Training programs for recreational or competitive runners, cyclists, duathletes and triathletes are also available. Sub-maximal cardiovascular testing to establish training zones for the programs is provided.

As well as being a world-class duathlete, representing Canada, Diane has also been an in-house personal trainer for The Sports Club of Canada and The Glencoe Club in Calgary.

Key personal training areas

  • Core stability and conditioning
  • Strength and resistance training using weights, balls, tubing, TRX, Bosu, and body weight
  • Cardiovascular conditioning to improve fitness and create a lean and strong body.
  • Stretch programs, including active isolated stretch routines, (used by many high level athletes to improve joint range of motion and to aid in recovery for next day workouts). Static stretch and yoga based stretch programs, and active stretch routines for workout preparation.