Testimonials for Diane Stibbard

See how Diane Stibbard's award-winning personal training and sports coaching has benefitted these satisfied clients and their glowing testimonials

I have had the opportunity to know Diane for just over a year, interacting with her as a Coach and admiring her as an athlete.  Her knowledge of training, racing and nutrition has been instrumental in my achieving several PBs at the races.  Diane's power work-outs have helped me become a better rider and runner.  Her experience as a World Class Duathlete and all the challenges that come with it, enable her to empathise with the trials and tribulations of training with injuries, family and work life.  I am very pleased with the way Diane's coaching style and know that she is there to help me reach  my goals.

Margaret Menzel - Triathlete/Runner,

Diane's coaching is amazing - quite simply it works.  I've been cycling for a number of years but knew I could do better.  I didn't want to be an elite athlete but wanted to be better for some beautiful rides I had planned across Canada.  Quite simply I was shocked by how much better I became by following Diane's program - to the point where my much stronger husband realized I could keep up with him for the first time.  From being worried about my performance, I was the strongest female on the ride - in 6 weeks.  The training was totally realistic, worked with my lifestyle of full time work and travel, and was designed to work for me.  I cannot recommend Diane more highly - I am not a super athlete or avid gym goer in any way and feel I've gained so much from working with Diane in such a short time.  I can't recommend anybody more for a very reasonable/small investment you can massively improve your experience on your bike - and get a super cheerleader at the same time.  It's worth its weight in gold.

Sophie Chesters,

I started working with Diane in October 2012 to help me prepare for my second Ironman in July 2013.  She would check in with me regularly and makes changes to my program if my life was getting in the way.  Diane also helped me improve my nutrition and sent me to specialists for help with chronic knee pain and low energy.  Diane's program helped me become a stronger runner and cyclist.  With her coaching, I was able to take two hours off my Ironman time.  I would never have been able to make such a huge difference in my personal best without Diane. 



Allyson Henley, Ironman Triathlete,

Diane is passionate about wellness and fitness. She takes a hands on approach to support her clients through their journey. She is a world class athlete who promotes clear goal setting, accountability and being the best you can be.

Rob Vanden Broek,