Simple eating strategies to lose weight without realising

The best diet is one you don't realise you are on - follow these simple tips to lose weight without having to stick to a rigid diet plan

You can switch the lever that slowly adds weight to slowly lose weight without knowing, and it is as simple as… eating a little less


  • The best diet is the one you don’t know you are on.
  • Diets are inherently deprivation modes of eating.
  • Diets don’t work because our body, mind and the environment fight against them.
  • We do not put on weight overnight.
  • Weight gain is usually slow and insidious. One day we realize we can not fit into what we use to be able to fit into the year or season before.
  • Most days most people have very little idea if they have eaten 100 calories too much or 100 calories too little.
  • Most people eat 30% - 40% more than they think they eat in one day.
  • Pre-plating food leads to eating about 15% less food.


CONCEPT: The mindless margin - the zone in which we can either slightly overeat or slightly under eat, without being aware of it

If we don’t realize we are eating a little less than we need, we WON'T feel deprived.

Not feeling deprived means we’re less likely to slip back and find ourselves overeating to compensate for all that we feel like we have given up.


SERVING SIZES: Visual cues for food portions is much easier than weighing your foods

  1. Meat/poultry/fish – size of deck of cards
  2. Vegetables and fruits – Tennis ball (fits into your hand)
  3. Rice/pasta/all grains – 1 ice cream scoop
  4. Cheese – matchbox
  5. Dried fruit/nuts – golf ball
  6. Butter – 1 thumb tip

Mindlessly calorie savings:

  1. 2 chocolate-chip cookies instead of 3 – 130 calorie saving
  2. 1 tabs. peanut butter instead of 2 – 100 calorie saving
  3. 1.5 cups of cereal instead of 2 – 80 calorie saving
  4. 1 bread roll at dinner instead of 2 – 70 calorie saving.
  5. 2 glasses of wine instead of 3 – 200 calorie saving
  6. 2 handfuls of chocolate coated candies instead of 3 – 132 calorie saving
  7. 1.5 cups of pasta/rice instead of 2 – 100 calorie saving
  8. Small French fries instead of large – 240 calorie saving
  9. 3 beers instead of 4 beers – 145 calorie saving
  10. 3 slices of pizza topped with meat instead of 4 – 271 calorie saving
  11. ¼ cup of mixed nuts instead of ½ cup – 300 calories
  12. 1 orange instead of a small carton of orange juice – 155 calorie saving
  13. 1 pkg of sugar instead of 2 – 50 calorie saving.



Breakfast – 1 tbps. Peanut butter on bagel instead of 2 tbsp.

Snack: ¼ cup of mixed nuts instead of ½ cup

Lunch: 10 less French fries with your lunch

Snack: 1 apple instead of apple juice

Dinner: 1.5 cups of pasta in whatever pasta dish is for the evening

Snack: ½ cup of ice cream instead of 1 cup