Sample bike training program

Week 1 of one-month bicycle training course - Phase 3 Bike Training

Sample Bike Training Program Week One: July 29 – August 4

Monday: Ride – Interval training

  • 20 min warm up
  • 8x1 minutes – hard push the heart rate up into zone 4 (it may take one or two to build the heart rate)
  • 1 minute easy spin to flush and recovery in-between each interval
  • 10x30 seconds all out maximal effort – 30 seconds easy spinning in-between
  • 15 min cool down

Core stability training

Tuesday: Lower body strength training

Wednesday: Ride - Strength

  • Bike – on own bike or outside Strength ride
  • 10 min warm up in zone 1
  • 10min @ high zone 2
  • 40min @ low zone 3 (150 – 152bpm) 10 min in high zone 2
  • 15 min cool down in zone 1

Thursday:  Lower body strength training

Friday:  Rest day off

Saturday:  LSD Ride (LSD – Long Slow Distance) 

100km in zone 2 except on the hills. On the hills the HR will climb up into zone 3 and maybe zone 4. When you begin your ride, always spin easy for the first 15 minutes to warm the body, then move into your zone 2 training zone. Beginning this week, I recommend simulating as close as you can the terrain.

Goals for ride route

  1. First 8km – flat to rolling
  2. 8km to 20km climbing
  3. 20km to 45km flattish
  4. 45km to 55km a few climbs
  5. 55km to 70km flat
  6. 70km to 100km climbing

Goals for climbing:

  1. Pulling up on the pedals
  2. Imagine you have dirt on your shoe and you are trying to scrape it off the bottom
  3. When climbing in a seated position, sit back on the saddle
  4. Alter your position, by switching up being seated and standing, to vary the muscles you are working and to avoid grinding.
  5. Only shift to the easier gear, when you feel you aren’t “on top of the gear”. Use the hill climbing formula from our on bike coaching session (I have sent this formula in the email attached with this phase)

Goals for cadence:

  1. Observe what you cadence is most of the time when riding the flats
  2. Observe what your cadence is when you feel the gear is getting to hard on a climb and you need to shift to an easier gear (e.g. Is it 60rpm, is it 65rpm, is it 70 rpm)

Goals for nutrition:

  1. Need to consume 100 calories every 45 minutes into the ride
  2. Need to take 2-3 sips of fluids every 10-15 minutes

Sunday:  SAD Ride – 30km (SAD – Short aerobic distance) – with mid-way strength segment

At the 15km mark, ride 10km in zone 3, then drop back down to zone 2

Goals for cadence:

  1. In the strength segment, focus on increasing your leg turnover, even though you are in a harder gear, and working harder in zone 3
  2. Observe what your natural cadence moves to, when you go from zone 2 training, into the zone 3 strength segment

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