Food quality and quantity: the two key ways to drive weight loss and boost fitness

This 2-pronged diet plan looks first at the quality of the food and beverages we are consuming, and secondly looking at the amount we consume

Anti-inflammatory diet and good nutrition

Both quality and quantity of food in our diet matters

Our bookstores are packed with best selling diet books, and magazines with diet plans and promises of losing weight. I believe the answer to maintaining a healthy weight and having high energy levels is a two-pronged approach.

Firstly looking at the quality of the food and beverages we are consuming, and secondly looking at the amount of food and beverages we are consuming. Many of us under estimate how important what we eat is and think that the only answer to weight loss and having better energy levels is through simply decreasing the amount of food we eat.

Having said this I do not disagree that the amount of food plays a role in our weight loss, but the types of foods we eat will play a role in how we feel after i.e. does it make us feel heavy and bloated, does it give us energy or does it zap our energy, will it cause us to have spikes in our energy or will it keep our energy levels steady throughout our busy day.

We have been told for many years that the older we get the slower our metabolism gets. I disagree a little with this statement, and believe that the older we get the less active we become, and as a result there becomes an imbalance in food coming in and energy being expended. The following are list of possible reasons that may contribute to us becoming less active, but there are obviously many other reasons as well:

Greater demands on our time because of work and family obligations.

Living in climates that are not conducive to exercising out doors year round.

Injuries or surgeries sustained have limited us to only a few types of exercise that we may get bored of.

Living in areas where we can not access facilities to exercise at.

As a result I believe the only one area of our lives we have control over is the quality of the food we eat and the amount of the food we eat.

Food and Beverage analysis:

Review specifically what you have in your pantry and refrigerator and provide you recommendations, based on quality of the products.

Inventory of Lifestyle and Activity levels:

Establish what you are currently doing

Quantity of Food Consumed:

Log your daily food log and see how much and what it is your are REALLY EATING, and evaluate how much is coming from carbohydrates, proteins and fats, the “good fats” and the “bad fats.

Recommendations based on the findings:

Goals and prorates must be established first, and together with the findings of the above exercise a plan can be implemented.