Nutritional Counselling: Sports Nutrition, Weight Loss and Balanced Eating Plans

Nutritionist Diane Stibbard offers nutritional counselling and healthy diet plans to help you lose weight, build fitness, improve recovery rates and sports performance levels

Anti-inflammatory diet and good nutrition

Healthy eating plans to build fitness and health levels

Proper nutrition is not only the key to only good health, but to good performance. Eat well and you will feel and perform at optimal levels.
Let me help fuel your body for training, racing or for lifestyle.

  • Sport nutrition programs for training and racing
  • Weight loss nutrition programs
  • Daily, weekly or monthly easy to follow balanced eating plans


  • Establish what nutrition plan you require
  • Develop a strategy to implement the plan




This program is designed to meet the criteria for a healthy lifestyle.  It promotes good intestinal health, a strong immune system, while eliminating fluid retention and sugar cravings.  In addition the program establishes variety in meal choice, but with the ultimate simplicity.  This program is not just a weight loss program, however; if you have weight to lose, this program will give you those results.

There are four options to implement the program into your life, depending on your level of commitment and desire to improve your health and weight.


OPTION A                                                                                                      OPTION B

Minimize gluten                                                                                            Gluten free

Minimize refined sugars                                                                              Eliminate refined sugars


OPTION C                                                                                                       OPTION D

Gluten free                                                                                                    Gluten free

Eliminate refined sugars                                                                           Eliminate refined sugars

Eliminate dairy                                                                                            Eliminate dairy

                                                                                                                          Eliminate grains


*Initial consultation – This session is designed to establish where you are in your eating patterns, as well as full breakdown of how the option works, and what you can eat.  Within the session, I will also be doing a fridge and pantry check; this will allow me to provide you with a list of what you will need to stock these areas.  (Measurements and weight check in if weight loss is a goal)

*Food tasting session - This will not only allow you to taste the foods, but allows you to see how simple, quick and easy the meals are to prepare (recipes provided at the end of the session).

*4 weekly 15 minute follow up telephone conversations

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