Cycling, running, duathlon and triathlon coaching

Perfomance-boosting cycling, running, triathlon and duathlon training plans from Diane Stibbard, two-time Canadian duathlete of the year and a sports fitness coach based in Toronto

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Custom plans match your fitness levels and goals


  • A competitive athlete
  • A serious recreational athlete
  • New to the sport of running, cycling, Triathlon or Duathlon
  • Or, are you or someone who wants to set a goal and have structure and direction around training and reaching your goals.

Diane’s bike, running and multisport coaching plans are for all individuals at all different levels and abilities. The programs are customised specifically to fit your time availability, lifestyle, and goals.

Diane’s cycling, running and multisport coaching programs are individually designed for you, taking into account not only your goals but your current conditioning and health issues. Coaching can help you train for specific events, such as a marathon, charity rides, or bike racing, but even if you just want to get fitter, faster, and stronger, coaching can help you do that too. And it’s a lot faster than if you try doing it on your own.

Custom training programs:

  • Bike tours
  • Grand Fondo
  • Centrium
  • Triathlon
  • Duathlon
  • Marathon
  • Half Marathon
  • 10 and 5km

The online programs are written in a monthly format and are emailed to you, with additional follow up. Adjustments to the programs are made, due to work, family, illness or injury.
The programs are written and designed in a structured format, to avoid injury and illness.

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