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Fall cycling – clothing selection

1. Dress so you feel slightly cool. As the temperature starts to rise and your core temperature increases, you’ll begin to sweat. That can cause the clothes next to your core to become wet, which stops their wicking ability and leads to chills. The key here is to avoid being overdressed, as you will...

Is it better to do shorter but higher intensity, or should I do fewer rides but longer and slower?

To make it easy I’ve created two checklists for you to use to help you determine what category you fall into, long and easier, or shorter and more intense. Each of the rides below, other than the recovery rides, should also have an additional 10 – 15 minutes of warm up and cool...


Recovery is seen as the most important of the two pillars of training.  The first pillar is the training stress, which is simply the riding you are doing.  If you recover quickly after riding long or riding hard, this is a good indicator of your fitness level.   Much of the time needed for...


Athletes of all kinds including cyclists, runners, Triathletes and Duathletes are looking for an edge over the competition.   Training systems/programs have been used for decades to get the athletes to where they want to be.  However, more recently, to gain an advantage, these athletes have been turning towards better techniques to recover after...


I am attending the Gluten-Thyroid Connection Summit this week, starting today May 4th 2014.  Ask me about what I learned about the connection gluten has to the health and function of your Thyroid.   Superfoods - including fruit and berries...


bikebackgroundfade Below is a list of what to do before, during and after riding your bike.  Also, the list gives you tips on when to replace the major parts on your bike
  1. When shifting, never use the hardest gear in the rear cassette while in the...

Cross training for cycling

Rollerblading: The ideal cross training for cycling

Rollerblading is a great way to cross-train for cycling - especially as it it has far lower impact on your joints than running...


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