How to set fitness goals for better personal training results

How to set fitness goals for better personal training results

Set clear, measurable and attainable health and fitness goals for your exercise plans to develop lifelong health, wellness and vitality

The most important quality you can develop for lifelong health, wellness, and vitality, is the habit of taking action on your health and fitness goals and plans. And just as important as having these plans and goals is how you go about achieving them.

Why Don’t People Set Health and Fitness Goals?

  • Most people don’t have clear, measurable, time-bounded fitness goals
  • Many people don’t realize the importance of goals.
  • Some people don’t know how to set fitness goals effectively
  • Other people fear failure.

Focus on the things you want, rather than the things you don’t want.

Start at the beginning:

Identify your weaknesses – Do you need help? Do you need accountability?
Identify potential setbacks or old habits that may prevent you from achieving the goals

Theory of Constraint – Between you and your fitness goal, there is a constraint or limiting factor that determines how fast you get to and where you want to go. The 80/20 rule applies to the constraints between you and your goals – 80% will be self imposing and 20% will be outside yourself.
Dealing with the 80% - what are your old habits, establishment of SMART goals, avoid comfort zone.
Dealing with the 20% - manage time well, make a list of outside obstacles that may get in the way.

Have a major definite purpose

Your major definite purpose can be defined as the one fitness goal that is the most important to you. Obtain this major definite purpose by using the S.M.A.R.T parameters.

S – Specific: It must be clear and specific
M – Measureable: It must be measurable and quantifiable
A – Attainable: It must be both believable and achievable
R – Realistic: It should have a reasonable probability of success when you begin
T – Time Bound: There must be a specific date attached to the goal

GOAL SETTING IN THE FOUR AREAS OF HEALTH AND FITNESS: Are you working on all of these areas?

Nutrition, Cardiovascular, Resistance Training, Flexibility

  1. Nutrition – Daily balance in all foods
  2. Cardiovascular – 5 times per week, time and intensity depends on goals
  3. Resistance Training – 2x week minimum – repetitions and sets goal dependant
  4. Flexibility – Daily

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