Diane Stibbard Press Articles

Toronto personal trainer Diane Stibbard has featured in many cycling, multisport and fitness related press articles - see extracts and links here

Diane Stibbard Press articles

Coaching with Diane Stibbard

"Diane Stibbard is a cycling, running, and multisport coach, who provides training programs for recreational and competitive cyclists, including personal training and nutritional counselling.  She has 25 years’ experience as a personal trainer, coach and nutritional counsellor.  A highly competitive and successful duathlete, cyclist and runner, Diane has countless races and wins under her belt.  She’s represented Canada around the world, has twice been voted Canadian Duathlete of the year, and had a 4th place finish at the World Duathlon Championships in Newcastle, Australia."

What’s the fastest way to get fast on the bike?

"Simply put, the fastest way to get faster on the bike is to ride fast! That doesn’t mean you have to go out and do your weekly rides as fast as you can. To generate more speed you need to combine power-training and high-intensity interval training. Most of you may be familiar with interval training, but not power-training. The reason power-training is so important is that more power translates into more speed. The force that is applied to the pedal via your leg muscles will result in greater speed and endurance, without fatigue."

What’s The Best Cadence?

"When I’m asked about optimal cadence, my answer is not cut and dried. Body type plays a huge role in an individual’s ability to turn over the pedals. “Power riders,” riders with large muscular legs, tend to be strong and better suited to flatter terrain. They can push large gears at low cadence rates with very little leg fatigue, and are more comfortable riding in the 75–80 rpm range. Lighter, smaller riders, who don’t have big muscular legs, but are still powerful riders in relation to their body weight, are better suited to hilly terrain. These cyclists can ride comfortably in the 85–95 rpm range."

What Drills Can I Do to Make Me a Better Climber?

Hill climbing is part art form but it also depends on your leg strength and a good power-to-weight ratio (power in relation to your body weight). In previous articles I’ve mentioned power to weight ratio and its impact on hill climbing. In this article I focus on the “art” of hill climbing, and provide some workouts to help you stay with your fellow cyclists on group rides.